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Brenda's Antiques
The above picture has
"Compliments of Joe Alegretti
22 E. Main St., Stockton, Cal.
PHONE 2626"
Does anyone have any information on this piece?

Wine Bottle
Ink Wells
Glue Bottle
Poison Bottle
Skull Faced Poison Bottle
Purple Meter Gauge Cover
Aunt Jemima Syrup Bottle

Bottles with writing

LeeBrand, extracts, McCormick & Co, BALTO.
Hires household extract, for making rootbeer at home,
                         Manufactured by The Charles E Hires Co
The Singer Manfc Co
The Singer Manfc Co
California Fig Syrup Co, Sterling Products Inc., Successor
Special Battery Oil, Thomas A Edison Incorperated,
                               Primary Battery Division, Bloomfield N.J. USA
Quality, Purity
M & R Brand Flavors, ACME Flavoring Co., Brand Rec.
                               U.S. Pat. Office
Dublin Bottling Works, Dublin Texas
Jackson Bottling Works
Pea Soup, Andersens Re

Carlo Ghislanzoni

Bottle Tops