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Metates and Manos Part II

Comanche County Texas

Cochise County Arizona

As you roam across the the desert you can find evidence of Native Americans
through-out Southeastern Arizona.

The first weekend of April my friends and I went to one of my favorite
camping spots in Southeast Arizona, I would like to share it with you.
As you climb in the rocks you see there are an abundence of grinding
holes. And as the Indains sat hard at work they could see for miles.
This was a very nice place for them to live. There was water, hiding
places, and good hunting. They could spot their enemies for miles around.
I hope you enjoy these pictures.

This is a Gila Monster, you hardly ever see one while hiking. They are very
pretty to look at but also very poisoness. If you are lucky enough to see one
just enjoy looking at him or her and let it go its own way.

Be sure to leave things as you find them so others may enjoy.
P.S. Don't be a litter bug. Clean up your camp site before leaving.