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Metates and Manos Part I

Let your imagination run wild! I am going to take you back to the
earlier days when the land was open and free. I am going to take
you to a place near Apache Pass, Arizona. All you saw in those
days were wild animals and the indain villages scattered among
the hills.Out of the flat valley ,the ground starts to rise. Up ahead
you see a mountain made in boulders. Among these boulders the
Indains made there home. A river ran in and around the boulders.
The people had lots of shelter, water, and good hunting close by.

This is just one of the caves in among the rocks. When you first
approach the cave, it doesn't appear to be one.

As you walk closer you see the over hanging rock. As you enter
you can also see the blackened walls of many years of there
camp fires. If you open up your imagination you can see the
family sitting around the fire. The native women would be hard
at work using the grinding holes, by grinding mesquite beans
into flour.

This is what makes this place so special , from inside the cave
they could view there surroundings for miles around them.

Near by in the river bed and thru-out the boulders
there are still traces of the natives that once lived here.

To help preserve the past please leave things as they were so
others may enjoy them.